ALAN BOYLE Ceramic Artist

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Born in Dublin in 1962 Alan still lives and works in Dublin city. In 1982 he completed a foundation course in the National College of Art and Design (NCAD). He then went on to study graphic design. In 1986 he graduated from College of Marketing and Design. As member of Ceramics Ireland he was involved in the production of their magazine for many years.

In 1995, after working in advertising for several years, he once again returned to NCAD where he did a course in ceramics under the tuition of Paul Martin.

Alan's love of the medium of clay lead him to focus his creative talents on his own unique ceramic art. Alan's work mainly consists of art pieces. His distinctive work comes from a combination of his own imagination, his graphic design background and his many influences, these include ancient Irish art such as that found on the passage tombs of the Boyne Valley and Newgrange. The landscape and flora of Ireland also provide an abundance of inspiration. Other influences are the ancient cultures of the world; in particular Japanese wood block prints. Artists that have influenced him are Klimt, Dali, Durer and Patrick Scott, to name just a few.

More recently the concept of balance both visually and mentally is influencing his work and it is constantly evolving as he experiments with new techniques. Much of Alan's work is hand built. Alan's bowls are thrown on a wheel and, as with the hand built pieces, they are often carved with a variety of tools creating and ensuring each piece is unique.

Alan's philosophy is that ceramics are more than just a visual but also tactile and he encourages people to feel the forms and the textures of his work. Alan has recently started creating larger outdoor work and also working with new materials such as bronze. He finds this an exciting new development and welcomes commission work.